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Navy Shop can mount or re-mount your existing medals, replace worn ribbons or provide quality replica medals, clasps and bars. Our medals team is ready to help you.

Levitating Display Frames

Enjoy your medals with these innovative display frames. Contents are held in place by two flexible silicone membranes and appear to be “levitating” in the frame. Hinges allow easy access to your medals when required for wear. A perfect display for your treasures.

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Original medals can be hard to replace if lost or damaged. Quality replicas are created to the exacting standards of originals and once mounted can be almost indistinguishable. Quality replicas are identified from originals only by 'REPLICA' stamped either on the rim or rear.

Ancestry Medals - Family of Service Replicas

Create medal groups to remember and share in family service, from the Great War to Vietnam, or today's service. Find your story in the Common Medal Group replicas below or create the medal group based on Service records.

Free Family Medals Certificate
Create a certificate to accompany your replica medals. Simply add details to the Medal Presentation Certificate and make your medals an even more special part of your family's story.

Australia's Best Prices for Mounted Replica Medals



Full Size

Ribbon Bar - Row of 4 for males & Navy

Ribbon Bar - Row of 3 for females & Navy



















































Prices include the very best quality replica medals and court or swing mounting. Clasps are additional $12.25 each for full size and $9.70 each for miniature.

*Navy personnel (males & females) - have the option to purchase the row of 3 or 4 ribbon bars – Though it’s recommended you ask your command which they’d prefer you to wear.

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Full Size Common Medal Groups


WW1 Pair Court Mounted

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WW1 Trio Court Mounted

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WW1 Trio Swing Mounted

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WW2 Pair Court Mounted

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WW2 Pacific 4 Court Mounted

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WW2 Pacific 4 Swing Mounted

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WW2 Pacific 4+Defence Medal Court Mounted

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ADM+ANSM Court Mounted

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Vietnam Group 3 Logistics & Support Court Mounted

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Vietnam Group 4 Court Mounted

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Vietnam Group 5 ANSM Court Mounted

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Miniature Common Medal Groups


Mini WW1 Pair Court Mounted

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Mini WW1 Trio Court Mounted

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Mini WW1 Trio Swing Mounted

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Mini WW2 Pair Court Mounted

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Mini WW2 Pacific 4 Court Mounted

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Mini WW2 Pacific 4 Swing Mounted

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Mini WW2 Pacific 4+Defence Medal Court Mounted

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Mini ADM+ANSM Court Mounted

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Mini Vietnam Group 3 Logistics & Support Court Mounted

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Mini Vietnam Group 4 Court Mounted

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Mini Vietnam Group 5 ANSM Court Mounted

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Refresh your original medals with new ribbons; replace lost clasps, citations or bars; remount them or repair or replace fixing pins. Our team has years of experience working with and for Australian Military and is trusted by hundreds of servicemen and women each year.

For restoration services and advice contact our medals team on 02 6123 2950.


There are hundreds of medals issued to military, police, emergency services and civilians. Each Award is governed by strict protocols which protect the integrity of Australia's Honours and Awards System.

Who and how to wear medals

Medals are to be worn by the recipient of the medals on their left chest for commonwealth medals and the right chest for state awards. Although not official, of someone who was awarded medals can wear that person's medals on the right side to show that the medals are not their own.

Mounting options

Court mounting is where a medal or a collection of medals are mounted on a stiff board. This holds the medal/s in place as well as suspending them. Full-sized medals may overlap as dictated by protocol. Being court mounted rigidly to the board medals cannot clang against each other which avoids damage. The ribbon is extended behind the medal when court mounted.

Swing mounting is where the medal is suspended by the ribbon from a broach pin or other attachment. These medals are free to 'swing' and do hit each other which can cause damage.

Miniatures and Full Sized

There are normally two different sizes of medals. Full-size medals are normally worn on service dress or to daytime events. Miniature medals can be worn with evening dress, such as mess dress, and for black tie events. There are exceptions to the rule where there may be neck-worn awards as well as other forms of decorations, however these types of awards are rare.

Miniature medals do not overlap unless the number and size exceeds the distance between the lapel and shoulder seams. This needs to be considered when ordering.


Each medal is suspended from a ribbon which is unique to that medal. These ribbon designs are influenced by the nature of the award.

Order of medals

All Australian and British Imperial awards are worn in accordance with an order of precedence from left to right. For example a Victoria Cross would sit on the far left and foreign awards to the right. If the medals are being overlapped then the medal on the far left will be on top of the medals to the right. Foreign awards, including UN and NATO medals, are mounted after Australian medals if the individual is with an Australian agency, such as the ADF, Police etc. Foreign awards are ordered by the date which they were awarded.

State medals are mounted with other state awards and worn on the right chest. These medals are mounted in the opposite way to the commonwealth medals and have the order of the medals reversed. As with the commonwealth medals, they also have an order of precedence.

Ribbon bars

Ribbon bars are a way of displaying the awards for an individual when not wearing medals. They are common-place for service personnel as well as police and emergency service personnel in their normal day to day work roles. There may be clasps, rosettes and dots on ribbon bars depending the medal. Ribbon bars are four medals wide per row for males serving in Army and Air Force with females wearing ribbon bars three medals wide with a new row starting with the fifth and fourth medals respectively. Navy personnel wear have the choice of wearing either three or four medals per row. Ribbon bars can also have a plastic coating on them, normally used by emergency service personnel.

Storing and cleaning medals

Medals should be stored in a clean dry area. A medal box or case is a perfect place to store them. As they are very valuable, medals should also be kept secure. Clean them with a non-acidic cleaner or just a damp cloth, a non-abrasive pencil eraser also works well.

Useful links

Department of Defence - Honours and Awards
Specific information about Australian military Honours and Awards.

Australian Government - It's An Honour
Information regarding Australia's Honours and Awards system.

Australian National Archives Service Records
Searchable historic information on an individual's Service record.

Guidance on Wearing of medals

Australian War Memorial Anzac Day FAQs

Department of Defence FAQs



At Air Force Shop we do what we do because of you - our happy customers. Ordering medals can be challenging and our medal experts work with you through the process to ensure you are ordering the right medals. Our experience of more than 25 years’ mounting and re-mounting medals ensure you get an impeccable service.

Read below some of the feedback we have received from our happy medal customers.

“Hi Mahdi, I am sharing a photo of my son at the Vietnam Veterans Day March in Albany, wearing his grandfather’s replica medals we had bought. My son was able to represent his grandfather in the March as he had passed last year, it was such a proud moment. Again thank you so much for making sure the medals were here in plenty of time!”

Graeme & Trevlyn Smith

“Just to let you know that the beautifully mounted medals and ribbon bar arrived safely. I can't thank you enough for your assistance in achieving this result and in particular you recommendation to use the "aged type" for the two stars, they look stunning! We are most grateful for you guidance through this most daunting task.”

Marie & Jake Romijn

“I recently had my Dad’s war service medals mounted by you and have had them returned. I was absolutely thrilled with the job you did and wanted to thank you very much.”

Vicki Anderton

“Just a quick email to say thanks so much for going to the trouble to get my medal order to me so quickly...esp. Marty. It’s superb quality, and my Uncle’s medal set is now complete. I will be placing future orders but the urgency won’t be as great. Thanks again”

Shane Mills

“Many thanks for your help and input and will recommend Brandnet Pty Ltd to my friends who have yet to have their medals mounted”

Kerryn & Barry Little

“We were all very impressed with the finished product and the professional service provided by your company. Thank you for all the effort that went into a product that we can deliver to employees and customers at our opening ceremony with pride”

Angela Soeters

“Just a quick note to let you know the medal arrived home safely. We are very pleased with the result. Thanks for your assistance.”

Merv Binning

“Package arrived here today, incredible service and turnaround”

Jim Gronbach

“My G20 Citations arrived today. Many thanks for the quick service. I will be buying from you again and recommending you to others”

Jeff Campbell

“Thank you for your quick delivery. The medals arrived this morning on the 5th month anniversary of my brother in law Antonio Rokov 21-11-15.”

Jojo Rokov

“I have received my order this morning, thank you. The service from Air Force Shop was excellent. Being kept up to date on delivery, very professional and good customer service.”

Hazel Cat


Frequently Asked Questions

This year marks the 102nd anniversary of Australian and New Zealand forces landing at the Gallipoli peninsula on 25 April 1915. Since then Anzac Day has been a day of remembrance on which we commemorate all those who have sacrificed so much in conflicts since that fateful day – especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice in service of their nation.

Because of the significance of Anzac day, it is encouraging to see the growing participation of Australians, both young and old, many of whom have served themselves or wish to honour the service of their kin. Proudly wearing your own service medals or those of your ancestors is one of the most appropriate ways in which to commemorate and celebrate the Anzac Spirit.

Since military medals are usually regarded as family heirlooms, many of us may be vaguely aware of medals stashed away in cupboards and drawers for safekeeping, knowing little about their significance or how to wear and display them appropriately. Here are some frequently asked questions about wearing your ancestor’s medals on Anzac Day:

What are medals awarded for?

Medals are awarded to combatants and non-combatants in recognition of specific deeds (such as those for gallantry or bravery) and service in a specific place (such as campaign medals) or for a certain length of time (such as long service awards).

What is the piece of fabric attached the medal?

A medal consists of two parts, namely the medal itself and a ribbon from which it is suspended. The medal ribbon is usually multi-coloured, with the colours themselves often having symbolic meaning. Each medal has a distinctive and unique ribbon.

How do I know which medal goes in what order?

Medals are to be worn in a specific order, called the order of wear. The most senior medals are worn first.

How can I attach medals to each other to wear or display?

When more than one medal is worn, they should ideally be mounted together. Mounting medals not only keeps them together and in the correct order, but also presents the medals neatly with due recognition to their significance. You can choose to have medals swing mounted or court mounted.

Can I wear my relative’s medals?

Yes, you may. When wearing your family member or ancestor’s medals in commemoration of their service, they should be worn on the right breast on appropriate occasions, such as Anzac Day.

How do I know what medals my relative was entitled to?

You can lodge an application with the Honours and Awards office of the Department of Defence. The application can be completed online. Alternatively, if you know their service number of full names, you can research your relative’s military service through the digitised records of the National Archives of Australia’s website.

I don’t know what happened to my medals, can I get replacements?

Original medals are generally only replaced once by the Department of Defence. However, you can order replica medals through the Air Force Shop to replace lost or stolen medals.

At the Air Force Shop we offer a specialised medal mounting service. We are also able to provide information and advice regarding your medals, their ribbons and ordering replica medals. If you would like to get your medals ready for wear or display on Anzac day, visit our website for information on placing orders online, or visit our Canberra store where our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you in person.